About Carbon Tech and Sepahan Chimie

Carbon Tech Co & Sepahan Chimie

Our Company In Short

Carbon Tech & Sepahan Chimie complex, established in 1983 as a leading production complex with Coal Tar derivatives products.

The Complex products are in accordance with international standards to provide basic chemicals for either local industries such as steel plants, aluminum industries and impregnation of industrial wood or exporting to the other countries.
The Complex Consist of 2 complementary plants, totally designed by Iranian experts, founded on an area of 23.000 aq.m at Shahrak Sanati Oshtorjan Isfahan with the capacity of 100.000 ton/year of raw materials. This Complex consists of 2 Stages:

  • First Stage

Sepahan Chimie as First Stage of complex started its activities in 1984 with producing phenol and phenolic Resins.

  • Second Stage

Carbon Tech as Second Stage of complex began to produce industrial Pitches and Coal Tar in 1988.


The Complex Production plant in brief consists of the followings:

  • Feed & Products storage facilities
  • Rectification unit
  • Crystallization unit
  • Blending Facilities
  • Sublimation
  • Polymerization
  • Reactors
  • Solidification units
  • Laboratories
  • Utilities
  • Packing Unit

Futuer Plan

In addition to development of existing process & increasing the capacity of the plant, production of new products in one of the major projects that researched in R&D center of the complex. Production of Beta-Naphthol using purified naphthalene is one of the main future projects.

Beta – Naphthol Project Consists of 2 Phases:

  • First Phase

Purification of crude naphthalene and production of 2 – Naphthol in capacity of 1000 ton/year

  • Second Stage

Increasing of 2 – Naphthol production capacity up to 2000 ton/year.

Plant location will be in shahrake sanati Oshtorjan, Isfahan.

Crude Naphthalene as raw material is now Producing in the Complex.